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A  SupHerBasKit is the full product line of SupHerBlendz with the intro to the La Need A SupHerb 'Fitness Model', which is a 16-week SupHerb Life Style Transition Course. 

This is all in preparation for the Spring Cleanse Event, which is March 24th - 31st, 2019. Your SupHerBasKit will be shipped out on March 15th, 2019, to arrive just in time for the Spring Cleanse Event. 

SupHerBasKit includes:

  • six SupHerBlendz Herbal Teas ( 3-tea bags each )
  • six SupHerBlendz Spice Blends ( 1-4oz. spice jar each )
  • a SupHerb Seed packet with 120 seeds ( mix of herb, fruit and vegetable seeds, from our own seed-saver stash)
  • two pH testing strips with color chart
  • one Mother of Thousands seedling with care instructions
  • one Handmade Origami Bell on a Crystal Jewelry hook
  • a customized Pure Fragrance blend for Origami-Aroma Bell
  • a NOW! Notebook journal

  (shipping included for USA- lower 48 only),

Plus via E-mail

  • Live stream access to Spring Cleanse Event
  • Intro to SupHerb Life Style Transition Course (5 videos)
  • the NEW un-released Ebook "How to E.Lemon.8 Ill Symptoms and Never Be Sick Again". 

You will be totally prepared to follow the Spring Cleanse Event, with all of the products and items needed to start your journey to betterment.

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SupHerb Life Style Preparation

Add our SupHerbLendz to cleanse within!

5 Overlooked Reasons Your Health is at Risk!...

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Basic Blendz

SupHerbLendz: Digestiv'Ease Femwo'Man Malefo'Us


($6.00 shipping)

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Buy any Basic Spice Blend, or any combination of the three listed above. (Digestiv'Ease, Femwo'Man, and Malefo'Us. Each spice bottle has approx. 14 servings of herb. Color and Net Weight varies due to type and density of the herbs used.

Please make a note as to which spice blend you are ordering in your Paypal transaction.

*Shipping quote for USA-48 only.


Cleansing Blendz

SupHerbLendz: Detox A'Me Hang-OvereLEAF


($6.00 shipping)

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Buy one of the Cleansing Blendz, or both to ensure that you are getting the waste moving out. For newbies, use Detox A'Me after a regular regimen of the Basic Blendz. You will have a better experience detoxing, after your digestive system in order. The liver will benefit more when you're able to absorb the active ingredients in this blend.

Hang-OvereLEAF is the herbal combination that was created to eliminate the ill symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Herbal Tea drink your nausea and headaches good-bye. Active ingredients will aid the digestive system to stimulate appetite, and reLEAF can release pressure in the circulatory system, ending any hang-over related aches.

These herbal tea blends are packaged in a natural tea bag for easy use when needed, on the go or at home. 


Each has 14 servings of herb. Color and Net Weight varies due to type and density of the herbs used.

Please make a note as to which spice blend you are ordering in your Paypal transaction.



SupHerbLendz: I'm Newellth


($6.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Be in new health, a wellness tea has arrived! I'm Newellth has active ingredients that will aid the immune system. Be on your way to eliminating ill symptoms from your life style. Your choice of herbal tea bags, or spice blend in a jar. Either option has 14 servings of herb. Color and Net Weight varies due to type and density of the herbs used.

Please make a note as to which type of packaging you prefer in the PayPal transction.


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Think your mind is in control?

This is my awakening audio from Secret Energy. When I heard this, I knew my life had to change for the better! 

The lesson here is the Overmind...

Perhaps you will learn to listen for hints and clues connecting the truth. As many do... 

Support Our Cause

Much appreciation to you for taking the time to read about our Cause. Your contributions will enable us to meet our goals.

Our Goals: Guide the SupHerb People to a life style that teaches how I Eliminate Illness, and How to nullify dis-ease, plus methods to remove pain, and reverse stress to balance the system.

Intent: Is to style our life with the teachings of Ayurveda, and utilize sustainable gardening techniques, which stimulate the mind to formulate your authentic fitness model for healing self, and the community.

Mission: Share the SupHerb details with people seeking assistance during their life style transition to betterment.

Details:  The foundation starts with Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for the knowledge of life. Ground level stabilizes with sustainable gardening techniques that are the basics for growth and nurturing. A sound mind, body, and soul inspires fitness, this is our authentic music that vibes. Plus travel, we all are in a state of constant calibration.

Benefit: Uplift the community. We will inspire more people to collaborate with Vibnamic Professionals (vibrant people creating dynamic professional service with nature).

The SupHerbLendz Herbal Teas and Spice Blends can be purchased to use as a spice, or tea without the fitness model platform. See: how to use SupHerbLendz, click here!

Add our superb blends to cleanse within!

Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Secret Energy to SupHerb Currency

made with love. made for wholeness.

Student of Ayurvedic Teachings

Currently, I am in transition with Secret Energy, on to the next level of this journey. As an expert of self, one will be capable of solving challenges that many are seeking to overcome. When your life style is constantly changing for the better, you are constantly overcoming challenges and obstacles that are presented to you. To be better, one must seek natural remedies now.

A student of Ayurveda, Botany, and Innerversity. 

The past has taught us to seek nature and herbs for Soulutions. Here, I have one you may want: