At the Farmer's Market

Herbal Tea

SupHerbLendz are available at the farmer's market.

A SupHerbelL'Gami or packets of 3 & 5 tea bags.

#Get Ur Herbs 2 GO!

Mother of Thousands

An ornamental terrarium display or a medicinal herb?

You decided!

Find out more

La Need A's Nutz

They have arrived!

Love Sunflower Seeds?

This tasty snack just got better.

La Need A added SupHerbLendz Digestiv'Ease Spice Blend.

Samples at the Farmer's Market! 


Informational Documents

Here you will find documents that will aid you with a purchase you made at the farmer's market, or collaborating community event details.

Mother of Thousands Care Sheet (doc)


9 SupHerb Intro Basics (doc)


Cedar City Vegetarian and Vegan Potluck Group Details (doc)


Vibnamic Potluck @ Policy Kings Brewery June 30 (doc)