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Add our superb blends to cleanse within!

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Lettuce and Brassicas.

Grow Your Own Food

We injoy the fruits of our labor from the gardens, and so should you. Here enzymes and minerals are doing their part keeping the soil alive. Maintaining a VibnamEcoSystem has been the most SupHerb task while growing herbs, fruits, vegetables, and grain. Our transition course to betterment is about food preventing and reversing disease.  

Energy from within!

Use Free Energy

When we generate our own energy from pure vibrations, every step is a moment to radiate your uniqueness. We have unveiled the energy source one has within, a gain from utilizing ancient methods to modern technology. A natural flow, is how this free energy gets generated for your own creations.

La Need A SupHerb Fitness Model.

the SupHerb Promise

Optimal wellness is our goal. We promise to share with you, the tools, and tasks  needed to transmute that which has been a barrier. 

Celebrate our greatest gift on the planet. You! You will be able to identify the true meaning of your environment, and honor self as you navigate with the surroundings. Be Immune to your externally influenced urges!

Experience what Vibnamic Professionals do to live a SupHerb Life Style!  


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Herbal Tea and Spice


Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced to the natives. Many years have passed and herbs still harness the power of healing. These herbal blends were made to assist you with cleasning and detoxifing the body to better health.

We will guide you to navigate your supHerb life style experience with brevity

Add our superb blends to cleanse within! 



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KraZ Gold to .io

KaratCoin Bank

  Learn why Karatbars International was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. 




Each individual contributes through their work and the manner in which they perform it, to the success of the...


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It's Secret Energy

Secret Energy is a metaphysical academy and collective commune impacting millions of Souls.

 Secret Energy is a metaphysical academy and collective commune impacting millions of Souls across the globe. We have pioneered some of the most advanced spiritual technologies utilized to expand consciousness and propel the Seeker into the discovery and use of their individual uniqueness. We created a mindful ecosystem of development, connection, and accountability deployed worldwide through physical and virtual channels. 

Welcome to the pinnacle.  

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