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Add our superb blends to cleanse within!

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What SupHerbLendz is About!

Lettuce and Brassicas.

Grow Your Own Food

We injoy the fruits of our labor from the gardens, and you can too. Here enzymes and minerals are doing their part keeping the soil alive. Maintaining a VibnamEcoSystem has been the most SupHerb task while growing herbs, fruits, vegetables, and grain. Our SupHerb Life Style Transition course to betterment is about using food to initially prevent illness, and eventually eliminate dis-ease.

You can #E.Lemon.8DAills

Energy from within!

Use Free Energy

When we generate our own energy from pure vibrations, every step is a moment to radiate our uniqueness. We have unveiled the energy source, it flows within each being. This is a gain from utilizing ancient methods, in combination with modern technology. Cleansing will increase the natural flow of this free energy, because it gets generated for your own creations.

The world as we know it, has shifted to the utilization of clean FREE energy!

click the pic to discover the secret to your energy --->

La Need A SupHerb Fitness Model.

the SupHerb Promise

Optimal wellness is our goal. We promise to share with you, the tools, and tasks needed to transmute that which has been a barrier in your life.

Celebrate our greatest gift on the planet. You! You will be able to identify the true meaning of your environment, and honor self as you navigate with the surroundings. Be Immune to your externally influenced urges!

Experience what Vibnamic Professionals do to live a SupHerb Life Style!  

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Herbal Tea and Spice

Herbal Tea in a glass dispenser on farmer's market table.

Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced to the natives. Many years have passed and herbs still harness the power of healing. These herbal blends were made to assist you with cleasning and detoxifing the body to better health.

We will guide you to navigate your supHerb life style experience with brevity

Add our superb blends to cleanse within! 



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KaratCoin Bank

  Learn why Karatbars International was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. 




Each individual contributes through their work and the manner in which they perform it, to the success of the...


It's Secret Energy

Secret Energy is a metaphysical academy and collective commune impacting millions of Souls.

 Secret Energy is a metaphysical academy and collective commune impacting millions of Souls across the globe. We have pioneered some of the most advanced spiritual technologies utilized to expand consciousness and propel the Seeker into the discovery and use of their individual uniqueness. We created a mindful ecosystem of development, connection, and accountability deployed worldwide through physical and virtual channels. 

Welcome to the pinnacle.  

SupHerb Events

#GetUrHerbs2Go    Do you La Need A more information to add our superb blends to cleanse within?

Wednesday, December 11th 2019

Vibnamic Veg Dinner

6:30pm - 8pm

Policy Kings Brewery

Event Details

Wednesday, December 11th 2019

Vibnamic Veg Dinner


Greetings SupHerb People!

Visit with us for a fresh homemade meal this holiday season?

Get ready to challenge your taste buds, with Our Vibnamic Festivities!

We are serving you a Vibnamic homemade Holiday Dinner, made with Aromatic Herbal Spices, farm fresh vegetables, nuts, grains, or local dairy.


Menu details click here!

You can INJOY your vegetables during the Holiday Season! 

A full course meal of Vibnamic food, fresh from local farmers and a cup of herbal tea.

For the supHerb People joining us, make a $10 donation by December 9th, via Event Brite info click here!

Cost during the day of event is $15. (At the door.) 

#VibnamicVegDinner #FoodIzUrPower on Instagram for posts of these events. 

Location: Policy Kings Brewery

6:30pm - 8pm

Policy Kings Brewery

Spring Cleanse Event Video

Yes, the Spring Cleanse Event has started. Day 1 gives you the #1 Intro Basic to the SupHerb Life Style Transition Course. The schedule is posted daily within the SupHerb Events section. Each day will have a specific focus, so follow La Need A SupHerb on YouTube to get connected.  

You can subscribe to get the details before they are posted below. Much love and appreciation!


 Seeking natural ways to alleviate an illness or dis-ease? 


How about relief for joint pains, or back issues?

Are you still trying to lose weight from 20 years ago? 

Worried about health care costs for the family?

Here is a taste of info for you to start.

This is the start of how you can eliminate ill symptoms and never be sick again!


Herbal Tea & Spice Blends

Add our supherblendz to cleanse within!

The Matrix got broke Again!

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Bars, made with organic PB, jaggery, ghee, steel cut, W. choco. chips.

SupHerb Life Style Transition Course

Add our SupHerbLendz to cleanse within!

Greetings SupHerb People!

Destination betterment is the target of this course.  If you are seeking to have better health, less stress, or more energy, here is the only transition course you will need for the duration of this life time.

The SupHerb Life Style is a customized plan of events that is developed with everyone's own choices. You get to authentically calibrate your current life style situation, to become the perfect life that YOU are designed to live. In other words, this is the most important transition-diet fitness-course one will ever experience.

You will gain the knowledge you need, to recognize what you want to build, as  your own authentic life style to superb health, wealth, and inner-joy. When we were children, most had to answer this,

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Answer: I want to be...

We all want to be something better than what we are now. The only way to get better, is to be better at what we think better currently is for us. However, accepting that you are actually better than you were before is the issue. First thing to being better is accepting that we already are better. Each moment is the perfect moment for you to be better than you were a moment ago. Now would not be happening if you had not done what you did in the past. So, by accepting what you have done to this very moment, allows you to be in a better place or space.

A life style transition is just that, a transition, change from one thing to another. For instance, if you were to compare the type of people that you would have aspired to be when you were a teenager, compared to people you aspire to be like now, would they be the same group people, or have you changed to better mentors and leaders in your current age? 

At some point, you did a transition which guided you to make changes, and these changes were for the better. Yes? Perhaps you were not aware that a transition plan was in course. For this leads us to the SupHerb Life Style Transition Course to betterment.

Intro – The 9 Basics of a SupHerb Life Style Transition:

#1 Who do you model your self after? What people are you listening to for advice to grow your better life?

It better be those people that are living the type of life style that you are planning to live. What other way can that happen? You must mimic the actions of others that have already showed you the path to success.

#2 Keep detailed records of your experiences, such as writing in a journal or diary.

The only way that you will possibly remember the better path is to know what you have been doing all along the way. Can you recall what you did yesterday and be able to recite that to analysis which actions made your life better for now? Act like you know all and write it down...

#3 Allow everything to be your teacher, and learn to be better at learning, from observing your self.

I recall many times I wanted to put the blame on something other than myself. It's the government, it's the weather, or its the color on the chalkboard. My perception of what something is, comes from a conglomeration of all of the experiences I had been exposed to from my entire life. Which means that I am giving everything a label due to what I had experienced in the past. Since we all have a completely different past, here is were one must be diligent at figuring out what actions to blame as better or not.

#4 Why are you planning to be what you are currently wanting to become?

This follows the observation step so you can actually determine if who you want to become is by way of your own actions, or the influence of others from your past life style. Had better keep your records in great detail. From your observations, are you taking orders from an external dictator, or perhaps, are you thinking from within your own boundaries. We are all bound to the limitations of our physical body, but your thinking habits and mind-set is a limitless integer.

#5 Focus on Your Focus!

Great! Now that you have decided to be authentic to your self, one must keep that concentration on their Focus, as often as possible. Does a random act of movement get you to the finish line? Eventually upon death! You will be known for what you have focused on being in life. So, make that focus your on-point methodology. 

#6 Study and know the way our brain works and communicates within the laws of the universe.

We are smart, but until you know this process of how your brain functions, you might be a ship without a captain at the helm. Just because you got a piece of paper with fancy ink blots, don't mean you got all of the knowledge there is to know. The human body is an extremely complex operating system, brain function is the model for electricity. A short can cause some severe damage. Get the long version on universal laws to really boost your energetic experience.  

#7 Design and build your foundation to be solid and sound.

Why weight till the nearly completed structure is ready to give away your energy, and crumble to the ground. Build your system to focus on standing above the ground and not fall down. Part of this design must account for challenges or obstacles waiting to be neglected and not addressed properly. As is said in the construction industry, always measure several times before that one cut. You will get plenty of practice that way, making life a better journey.

#8 Mastery.

Once you have all of the above together and completed successfully, start over and do it again. Only the next time, do it better. Besides, if you were on-point for the first life style transition, doing it again would be a better experience with the SupHerb navigation system you create.

#9 Sharing, as a master you have become a teacher from within self. 

Learn from the better source, which is ultimately you. When the teacher is ready, a student will appear, and same for when the student is ready, a teacher will appear. Keep in mind, that both, the student and the teacher must mutually agree to accept the role, and be the model for each other.

These are the basics for your SupHerb Life Style Transition Course. They were created from the experiences that were observed during several life style transitions to better health, by Lanita, a.k.a. La Need A SupHerb Fitness Model. A super hero made by self, created for self, and shared within to express without. We are all weighting for our self to set free the super hero we have weighed down for many years. This SupHerb Life Style is for all. If one can do it, we all can too.

Give up the wait, the moment is NOW! Take action and seek betterment planning your own SupHerb Life Style Transition to better health. Structured into this course are the details about cleansing your body, your system, your vessel that you maybe randomly navigating or not. Find out why you can't lose weight! Learn why you maybe ill or have a sickness causing you more dis-ease in life. Be done with being sick and tired! Put your feet down and stand on the ground where you choose to be. I know you can do it because I have made the transition.

Be that being to take control of their situation and bring it to the light. Focus on YOU! If you don't, no body else will focus on you until you stop waiting on your self...  

The SupHerbLendz Herbal Teas and Spice Blends are made for You to start this transition with EASE. Invest in your self, pay attention to your self first. Ponder growing your own food and using free energy. It can be that simple. Learn how to eliminate the ill symptoms from your life and perhaps you will NEVER be sick Again!

Much appreciation to the SupHerb People whom have made it this far.  You are ready to begin your transition!

Make a vow within yourself, to learn to be better at making you, your first priority. 

If you ask for assistance, you must be able to see it and be willing to receive it when it is given. A basic law for success.


La Need A SupHerb

Start your transition NOW!

Eliminate ill symptoms and never be sick again! You get the details to use NOW! or later, to drop the weight and stop waiting for that magical pill. It's just a placebo any way!

SupHerbLendz is used with the SupHerb Life Style Transition Course, and can be added to your daily life style without changing You, until YOU are ready!

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